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Perhaps remixing your old posts is the lowest for of blogging, but I saw this old post from 4 years ago listed in the “On This Day In” section of the sidebar and realized that my small stone for the day was to be found right here in the blog archives.

Cloudy Day

Street Cones

This is mostly an experiment with Flickr. The poem is one I wrote back in April and I took the picture with my iphone a few weeks ago in New York. I used Flickr’s editing tools to add the text and touch-up the image. I was able to do everything I wanted to do without Photoshop, which makes me wonder if I really need to upgrade. The more I play with Flickr, the more impressed I am with it. It’s crazy I’ve had an account for 4 years, and I’ve never used it until about a week ago.

Time to Leave

This is a poetry postcard that was originally published at Postal Poetry, which is now defunct. It was featured on February 25, 2009.

Update 10.20.10: Thanks to Dave Bonta, the Postal Poetry archive is back up at a new url and it looks better than ever. Here’s the link to “Time to Leave” along with the brief statement I wrote to accompany it. Go have a look around over there. There is truly amazing work to be found.

Miles (Never Once Imagined) – Postal Remix


I’d been working on this to submit to Postal Poetry but by the time I finished, I found that they were no longer taking submissions so I offer it here. It’s based on, and is really a remix of, a draft of the poem that I posted with the image about three years ago. I’m still working on the longer version.

It’s disappointing to see Postal Poetry go static, but I found it quite inspiring as I had never thought to combine images and words like this, which is werid considering the time I spend writing and doing photography.

I’ll probably post more of these here as I come up with them. Thanks, Dave and Dana, for the inspiration.

And, in a odd circular kind of way, and with no connection to poetry, the very day that Postal Poetry stops, my old friend Andy starts up his own site, which is about traveling in Texas. Check out Texas Rhodes Trips.

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