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Rust in the Radio Sky

Do you see rust in the radio sky?
The laughing truth of the galaxies’ weight
can be borne in the chambers of one heart,
or an insect like that blue dragonfly,
the buzzing one circling your empty plate.
Perhaps the time zones aren’t so far apart.

Do you feel the dust in the shifting wind?
How many crooked roads can you make straight,
organized like some magician’s flowchart?
Did you answer no and no and none, friend?

Here is where we start.

NaPoWriMo #26: Curtal Sonnet | We Write Poems: Wordle #16

This is an attempt at a curtal sonnet. Sometimes, the form and the rhyme drive and take you nowhere.

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Sonnet for July

With my feet firmly planted in the sand,
the seagulls might mistake me for a tree.
I’ve no idea why that would matter and
anyway, it’s good to be here by the sea.
It won’t be long before the sun goes down,
and one-by-one the stars fill up the sky.
Soon they’ll switch on the bright lights in the town
and then, we’ll see old Cygnus rising high.
When the fireworks begin to sing and pop,
smoky spiders will weave our summer night.
With each held breath, I’ll wish it never stops
until the dark of space is filled with light.
Do I hear mermaids singing each to each?
No. It is your voice calling from the beach.

PAD 2014 #15: Love Poems

Sonnet for Ho-Ho’s and Ding-Dongs

When I get up, it’s coffee and donuts,
(It won’t be hard to find the death of me)
And more honey on that pile of biscuits,
And, oh Lord, yes, more sugar in my tea.
Daily, I stop for ho-ho’s or ding-dongs;
For my chocolate fix: a Hershey bar.
The convenience store is where I belong,
And I’ll gladly try anything by Mars.
Vegetables look good and green and all,
But processed snacks fulfill my sweetest dreams;
And always at the food court at the mall,
There’s caramel-drizzled fudge-nut ice cream.
I’ll run long endless miles for exercise,
But those miles never match my sugar highs.

I wrote this during 4th period today primarily for the amusement of my students. We’re writing sonnets and being the good teacher that I am, I wrote during class as well so they could see me revise it and also as a reminder that poems need not be serious all the time. The meter isn’t quite there, I don’t think, but they got a kick out of it, and it’s always good when they see their teacher doing and therefore valuing whatever they’re working on.

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