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tree shadows
late sunset painted
on brick homes
Venus peeks out from
a cirrus curtain

the votives flicker
tangled wicks in stoic bloom
roots unbound by flame

a year on gravity’s wings
blue seafoam sanctuary

We Write Poems: We Wordle #10

blackbird clouds
swirl above treetops
come, pilgrims

after thunderstorms
your dark eyes shine


the chickadee
rattles like a snake
in her nest
when I look inside
to check the nestlings

Cloudy Day

Street Cones

This is mostly an experiment with Flickr. The poem is one I wrote back in April and I took the picture with my iphone a few weeks ago in New York. I used Flickr’s editing tools to add the text and touch-up the image. I was able to do everything I wanted to do without Photoshop, which makes me wonder if I really need to upgrade. The more I play with Flickr, the more impressed I am with it. It’s crazy I’ve had an account for 4 years, and I’ve never used it until about a week ago.


Lowering storm clouds,
the grey rain intensifies.
Everyone rushes to
stand under the canopy
& listen while drainpipes rattle.

Attempted tanka for napowrimo today. This weekend, I’ll just be doing micro-poems at a gnarled oak. They cross post at and Twitter for anyone who is into those things.

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