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Ahead of Where I Am

Sometimes – today for instance – I find myself writing a scene and it just isn’t coming together. It’s a key part of the story, but all I’m interested in is a scene that’s really coming together, but that won’t happen for another hundred pages or so.

I don’t like to claim writer’s block since that’s too easy an excuse to not write, but, man, I was so ahead of where I was and that killed the desire to work.

That’s when it’s a good idea to tackle those dirty dishes and that last load of laundry. It’s not really writing, but it’s not really not writing either. So, my heart is ahead of where I am in the latest novel, but when I got back to it I found the scene and left off at a place I’m excited to get back to.

Damn, this post is vague, but that’s what I did on this vague and fuzzy day.


  1. Yah – that’s a tough one – and vague…so can you ask su esposa if, when she makes her “Attitude Adjustment” cake, she serves it in the 9×13 dish she baked it in? I’m trying it out tomorrow for a luncheon my mom is throwing – Thanks – and get back to work, brother.

  2. always solve the parts of the problem in front of you. Then relook at it. So that makes doing the dishes and laundry part of the total picture

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