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Friday Random Ten

This is a hip – and on one track tragic – little set. Cowboy Junkies’ Waltz Across America appears for the second week in a row. It’s a cool little CD that we picked up when we saw them last year. Margo Timmins even signed it for us.

  1. “Audio Boxing” – Isotope 217 – The Unstable Molecule
  2. “Play Hurt” – The American Analog Set* – Set Free
  3. “The Drowning Man Knows His God” – The Mermen* – A Glorious Lethal Euphoria
  4. “Run” – New Order* – Technique
  5. “Good Friday (Live)” – Cowboy Junkies* – Waltz Across America
  6. “Letter from Home” – DJ Shadow – The Private Press
  7. “I Want an Alien for Christmas” – Fountains of Wayne – Out-of-State Plates
  8. “Tuff Gnarl” – Sonic Youth* – Sister
  9. “Save the Planet” – The Tragically Hip* – Phantom Power
  10. “Teknikal Illprovisation” – Sonic Youth* – Demonlover: Bande Originale du Film

*’s by the ones I’ve seen live


  1. *double take* Nice Canadian content!

    You’ve seen the Tragically Hip live?? I thought they were a uniquely Canadian phenomenon. I wouldn’t have expected most Americans to have heard of them, let alone seen them! (They’re one of my fave bands and I’ve only seen them once because tix sell out within minutes of going on sale – it’s crazy!)

  2. The Tragically Hip are one of my favorite bands (top five, probably). I’ve seen them many times. Austin is a regualr stop for them on tours. I blogged about them the last time I saw them (at ACL fest) and even got a fairly decent picture of their show. Sadly, the sound wasn’t as good as it usually is, but you can download some of their set from itunes.

    As to Americans not knowing about them, I don’t know, but around here there are at least as many Austinites in their crowds as Canadians.

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