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Not Exactly Friday But Still Random Ten

This actually played on Thursday night, and I typed it up to get ahead knowing that I might not get to post on Friday, but when I actually had time, the CO detector started going off, and the fire department kept coming because the alarm company kept calling them.

Finally, a ladder company came to join the two engine companies, neither of which had a CO detector. Of course, the ladder company’s CO detector didn’t work, but since we were all still alive, we decided that it was a malfunction.

Anyways, since I typed this on Thursday, and am posting it on Saturday, I think that still averages out to become a Friday Random Ten, and an interesting one at that…

  1. “These Important Years” – Hüsker Dü – Warehouse: Songs and Stories
  2. “Vai Vai” – Thunderball & Thievery Corporation* – The Outernational Sound
  3. “five-five-FIVE” – Frank Zappa – Shut Up ‘N Play Yer Guitar
  4. “Chagrin Falls” – The Tragically Hip* – Phantom Power
  5. “Trouble & Luck” – Spring Heel Jack – Disappeared
  6. “Drivin’ on 9” – The Breeders* – Last Splash
  7. “Toxic Dart” – Jaga Jazzist – Animal Chin EP
  8. “Wow and Flutter” – Stereolab – ABC Music/Radio 1 Sessions
  9. “Airport” – Tricolor – Mirth + Feckless
  10. “20 Minutes of Disco Glory (Simon’s Come – Unity Mix)” – DJ Garth & ETI – Groove Soundtrack

* Artists I’ve seen live


  1. “Drivin on 9” is an Ed’s Redeeming Quality’s song originally, a band well worth looking into. Nobody beat them at funny-catchy when they were together.

  2. I’d not heard of Ed’s Redeeming Quality. I’ll have to check them (him?) out.

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