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Sonic, Not Youth

I see more and more blogs pimping YouTube. Sometimes I find it sad that blogging, the last great bastion of the written word, the fulfillment of Guttenburg’s dream, the cornerstone of modern freedom, the… okay, okay, so it’s getting laid on a little thick, but does the blogosphere really have to be the new teevee?

Then, because I’m curious, I began to wonder how one puts a YouTube clip into one’s blog. Ever one to be part of the problem, I figured I’d give it a go. Naturally, it’s easy.

So, enjoy a fascinating cover of Sonic Youth’s “Schizophrenia,” a tribute of sorts to Philip K Dick.


  1. Sorry I’m a pimp.

    Just wish I made more money at it.

  2. No apologies needed. I really enjoyed the music clips you dug up over the summer. And, hey, real pimps pimp for the love of the game. I also find myself wondering about friday hound blogging going live…

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