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Blue Jay

Blue Jays are one of my favorite backyard birds. Whenever they come around, I find myself stopping to watch and see what they do.

This one had things to say. He hopped around in the tree and then down to the fence, chirping and squawking at me. I know they can be fairly aggressive birds, and since this is a family blog, I won’t repeat exactly what he was squawking.

Perhaps he felt the feeder needed a refill.

Either way, it’s nice to have colorful birds come by from time to time.


  1. Not just good looking, but he knows enough to pose with the red brick as a background–it sets his colors off so well.

  2. Beautiful photos! So glad you kept the bird talk to a minimum. They really can be potty-mouths.

  3. George, I’d like to say I taught him to do that. But I won’t. I can’t even teach greyhounds.

    Alice, Thanks. I didn’t want to offend anyone.

  4. They are officious birds at times, but yes, pretty and fun to watch. This one knows how to pose, too!

  5. Yes, they are potty mouths, but definitely camera worthy!

  6. I think Blue Jays are intelligent and interesting birds.I especially enjoy watching them interact in larger groups during the winter.
    People chase rare birds around here such as a Lazuli Bunting. It is fun to see a rare bird but they aren’t always that impressive once you get a look at them.-Imagine if a Blue Jay was rare and you went to try to gt a look at one-Now that would be an impressive twitch!

  7. Gwyn, I wish I could take credit for training him, but I’ll take credit for sheer luck.

    Mary, Especially when unexpected!

    Larry, That reminds me of the idea of visiting Australia and seeing parakeets. I’d be flabbergasted, but I hear they’re as common as sparrows are here in some places.

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