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I and the Bird #126

Today we’ll travel with I and the Bird
to discover the most amazing birds.

We’ll marvel at Rio Blanco shots
of Colombian sylphs and hummingbirds.

We’ll see colors galore in Singapore
on a camera-ignoring sunbird.

We’ll have to get stuck in the mud to see
Avocets, Willets and burrowing birds.

Supporting birding teams, we’ll stop to know
the beautiful woods surrounding birds.

Flammulated Owls live beyond rough trails,
but we learn the wild when surveying birds.

Stop for a moment to consider the
vultures, our maligned highway-cleaning birds.

The vibrant beauty of nature’s revealed
by children carefully coloring birds.

Near a hole on a familiar shore, see
Bank Swallows, brown-and-white scolding birds.

In Zion park, we’ll learn the stories of
certain condors, those distant soaring birds.

We’ll brave the coldest snowy days for owls
and hope all life birds will be living birds.

Viewer warning:  “Sex and the City Bird”
documents the habits of mating birds.

In a blooming sage garden, time stops for
close looks at Ruby-throated Hummingbirds.

Recall nature’s red in tooth and claw when
we see crows are squirrel-tongue-eating birds.

Burrowing Owls and roadrunners remind
us of the simple joy of finding birds.

Spend a good day searching for Golden-winged,
Cerulean and other warbling birds.

A witty Straw-necked Ibis has some words.
(Who knew we’d find poetry writing birds?)

We can observe a Red-tailed Hawk’s high nest
and learn all about digiscoping birds.

Strange orange colors on Mallards’ tails pose
questions when we’re closely studying birds.

On the Gulf, pelicans will break our hearts
when we confront loose oil killing birds.

Shearwaters, jaegers and petrels will lead
us to boats for looks at seafaring birds.

We’ll see a Little Gull and lovely terns
on the southwest Queens coast while listing birds

In Madras, we’ll meet pittas and plovers
and sandpipers among the wading birds

“Always be birding,” that’s what we’ll say.
Even in parking lots, we’re finding birds.

That’s it for this trip, I’m signing off. Send
links for the next one to The Drinking Bird.


  1. Thanks for hosting this round!

  2. Nicely done – and quite a variety of topics too!


  3. Congratulations on penning what I’m sure must be the first-ever blog carnival ghazal!

    • Thanks, Dave. There have been so many wonderfully creative editions of IATB, I felt compelled to try something different.

  4. That’s the first I’ve ever heard of a ghazal. well done!

  5. Nice one James, give those greyhounds a pat from me!

  6. I look forward to birding with the carnival this weekend!

    And nicely done, your presentation.

  7. A very interesting form the ghazal. I had not heard of it before either, but then, there are many forms of writing I’m sure I don’t know.

    I enjoyed your rendition very much and I’m sure I will enjoy the entries as well.

  8. Great edition! Thanks so much for hosting!

  9. Thanks so much. I’ve spent the weekend trying out the carny rides – big fun.

  10. Thanks, y’all. I’m glad you enjoyed the carnival. It was a lot of fun to put together.

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