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My Tourist Yard

I’ve been writing a bunch of poems lately about vultures and grackles. One of those, “My Tourist Yard,” was published at Bolts of Silk today. Check it out and have a look around while you’re there. Lots of good stuff to read.


  1. James, Hi,
    Found via 4 Zillion your link to the Read Write Poem site. I havent a lcue how to add this code to my blog, do you know how to?
    I tried following “blog help” instructions but just end up with added code but no graphic or link.
    Any suggestions?

  2. A very interesting poem James. I liked it, especially the last 2 lines.

  3. Heather, Thanks for taking a look at it and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Takakow, Thanks for stopping by. I just cut and pasted the code into the sidebar section of my blog.

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