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Turtle — Butterfly — Deer

It’s not just birds on the trail by the house.



White-tailed Deer


  1. what a gorgeous turtle! All the photos are lovely, the deer has such a wonderful expression on its face…

  2. Love the photos. The turtle looks a little bothered doesn’t it? I really like the deer photo: its expression and the crossing legs, caught in awareness.

  3. Thank you both. I think the deer and I surprised each other. The expression on startled deer always reminds me of my sweet pup Daphne who died last fall. She was very deer-like. As for the turtle, he was quite the show. Two little girls were staring at him before I came along. They left, but then he had to deal with me taking pictures of him, so, yeah, I’d say he was kind of bothered.

  4. Lovely photos James. I haven’t seen any turtles out yet this year. We did see a small toad in our yard yesterday, though, and I was able to catch him for a little bit. Of course, he peed in my hand!

  5. Toads’ll do that. I haven’t seen any toads or frogs on my walks lately. Perhaps I should go have another look.

  6. Nice shots! That turtle is a Red-eared Slider. It’s probably a female out looking for a place to dig a hole and lay her eggs. I’ve seen several in my neighborhood lately doing just that.


  7. Mikael, Thanks. I intended to look up the turtle, but then realized I don’t have a good reptile field guide. Better add one to my list, I suppose. The little pond down the street is full of them.

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