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Friday Cat Blogging: A Reflective Moment

Simon stares at nothing

Simon stares at nothing

Simon ponders the vastness of it all, the mysteries of infinity, and the unfathomable distance between meals.


  1. Well, we’re not sure it’s *nothing*. All we really know is that we can’t see it ourselves, right? I agree with Rachel’s theory that there is a whole parallel universe for them.

  2. I’m really more interested in what Simon sayz.


  3. AmyB, I’m sure that has something to do with his jumpiness considering the possibility that things may be trying to get him from more than just our three dimensions.

    whaleshaman, He says quite a bit, actually.

  4. Simon’s thinking “To ponder…. or to sleep?” Guess he decided to ponder, eh? Ahh, the life of a cat – to be so mysterious must be hard. (Less than a month till LOOOOOSSST!)

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