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Friday Cat Blogging: In His Natural Habitat

It’s important to provide an animal with a stimulating environment.

Here we see Simon in the house cat’s natural habitat surrounded by Scotch and good old Dickens. The finer things are all they ask, really.


  1. I assume the sauce explains his saucy look.

  2. We’ve never actually been cat people, but given Simon’s taste in single malt Scotch we may have to reconsider. If only there’d been a Stoli we’d be in, no questions asked. Well, no questions except how cold’s the Stoli

  3. George, He always looks like that when the flash goes off. At least that’s what he claims.

    Ironicus, Cats do like a good single malt. If there were Stoli in the house at the moment, you can bet it would be cold. Simon in very thorough.

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