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Friday Hound Blogging: A Boy and His Wolf

Joey and his wolf

Joey and his wolf

Recently, this blog’s reader (Hi, Mom) called it to our attention that we have been remiss in doing our Friday Hound Blogging exercise. So, here’s Joey and his wolf with the snazzy bandana they gave him at the kennel a few weeks ago.



  1. Oh, hold on there, it’s readers (plural)! The bandana…the brindle…the mod pillow. A LOT of patterns going on there. Joey looks happy, tho.

  2. Oh great. Now that Joey’s got camouflage the backyard squirrels don’t stand a chance.

  3. AmyB, Thanks. Good to know y’all are out there. And, he does like a good pattern collision.

    Ironicus, They’re getting pretty brazen coming right up to the door and all. We have to do something.

  4. That’s one happy looking pup–you can’t have too many hound photos, if you ask me (and Mookie and Nigel).

  5. I agree. I think I need to refill the old coffers.

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