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Friday Hound Blogging: Yes, Friday.

Yes, you read that right. Weekend Hound Blogging is no more. Long live Friday Hound Blogging. I join my friends George and Fred (and every other blogger, it seems) in celebrating the hounds (and sometimes Simon) on Fridays. Weekend blogging is just not what I’m into as longtime reader(s?) of this blog have surely noticed by the dearth of Weekend Hound Blogging of late.

So, for today, Joey prowls the backyard sporting a fine combover ear.

The tree on the left was of interest to Daphne on Wednesday night. She went out around the witching hour and started barking at the tree. Three barks, which brings her lifetime bark total up to ten. She was bouncing around the base of the tree. I’m assuming she treed a possum or a raccoon, although she claims it was an Orc bearing the mark of the white hand.

And, happy adoption day to Phoebe who celebrated her second year with us on Monday by getting her nose bitten when she stepped on Daphne while Daphne was sleeping. I guess what goes around comes around, but it was nothing a bit of H2O2 couldn’t cure.



  1. It’s good to see photos of the hounds starting up again. And we’ve had those Mookie nips at Nigel and it’s off to the vet visits ourselves….

  2. Our pack all enjoy a good bark around the tree from time to time as well. Doesn’t really have to be anything up there, it’s just fun to pretend you’re a coon hound every once in a while I guess.

  3. I hopped over here from The Modulator (I’m the resident Cow Blogger there) and I really like what I see. And “dogs who need proven leadership” is priceless.

  4. KathyF, Thanks for visiting. The world needs cow bloggers, btw.

  5. 3 barks…in a row…me thinks you exaggerated the last 2 barks (if not all 3) were you actually looking at her mouth when these alleged barks occured? can anyone back-up your story? if i were you i would have said 1 loud bark or 2 barks MAYBE but 3? you can only push a story so far before it loses credibility James!

  6. Three, I tell you! And this past weekend she even played with the visiting puppies. Details to come in Friday’s installment of hound blogging…

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