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Greyhounds Doing Better and on the Way to Greyt

After eating several bowls of a poisonous batch of Natural Balance’s Venison & Brown Rice, I am happy to report that it looks like all three hounds will pull through. Daphne and Phoebe are at home again tonight. They have to go back for one more day of subcutaneous fluids, but they will be fine. Joey will remain hospitalized on an IV until Friday, but he will also be fine, and he’ll get to go home on Friday afternoon. His vet says he’s doing great and expects a full recovery.

Thanks to all of you who sent good wishes, thoughts, prayers and nice words for our hounds. There are much worse things in the world the past few days than some blogger’s sick pups and so we appreciate it all the more.

As to the food… well, we’re beyond angry, but very relieved that this wasn’t fatal for our dogs. Sadly, not every pet owner can say that as you can see if your read the (very long and often depressing) comments section on this post at Itchmo. There is also another post at Itchmo regarding more suspect foods that are not yet under any recall. In fact, Itchmo seems to be more on top of this mess than anyone else.

For all you pet lovers reading this, please consider making your own dog or cat food, at least for the time being. Ours really liked the kidney friendly food we made for them last night.


  1. Glad to hear it! Yay!

    I’m taking my two pooches into the vet tomorrow b/c I don’t trust NB’s claim that the evil rice gluten didn’t enter their formula until March 28th. I know someone with 2 cats fighting renal stress on IV’s right now, who was feeing them NB from a bag she bought in mid-March.

  2. Thanks, Regina. I appreciate your comments. I hope your pups are well, and I hope your friend’s cats pull through. I don’t think any pet food company can be trusted. Not because of anything malicious. I think they just don’t really know.

  3. I am so happy to hear that my favorite Austin hounds are going to be alright, I was very worried. This has me researching what our pups eat — I think they’ll be getting a new diet too.

  4. Oh, Mylanta – I am NOT kidding when I tell you that I JUST switched my little (70-lb.) Princess Puddin’ to the Nature’s Balance ($100/month) raw food at my vet’s suggestion – looking back, were there any early signs that you two remember? Sounds like your kids are on the mend but you’re all in my prayers!

  5. Amy, We’re about to become dog food hippies I think. They do like the recipe I posted the other day, if you’re looking for something to feed them.

    Christina, Watch for excessive drinking and peeing with occasional vomiting. Thanks for your concern.

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