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In Your Voice

Tell me how the fog whispers
rivulets of water down your arms,
tell me of the rushes gently
bent beneath the weight of blackbirds,
and the dust and craters written
on the surface of the other planets
and their moons, tell me
of the fishes drowned in air when
the egret pulls them from the pond,
and tell me of the broken clouds
scattered restless across the sky,
tell me all these things again
so I’ll know in your voice all
the wonders that surround us. 

OPP #10: Jake Adam York & We Write Poems: We Wordle #11


  1. This is truly beautiful and so well crafted.

  2. James, I am completely under the spell of this poem. Beautiful. Thank you for joining in this week, and adding your creative voice to the mix.


  3. Absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Thank you, all, for reading and for your comments.

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