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Regulations demand
our silence. We must bear
the barbed weight of law.
Statutes and tradition
compel us to remain
quiet, blind, mute. We
become security cameras
with corrupted hard-drives
and though rules must
be followed, the hackers
are getting in. Let there
be light, more light, noise
and outrage, memory for all.


This is for the prompt at This Is Not a Literary Journal, Carolee Bennett’s new poetry effort. I’m helping out as an occasional “Provider of Prompts,” and I did provide this one called The Rules. And, lemme tell ya, it’s hard to write to your own prompt. Come check it out and join the fun.


  1. Love the words & concepts you’re exploring here: security cameras, hackers, etc. The important vocabulary of our day…

    (& you’re right: Super hard to write from your own prompt!)

  2. I absolutely loved your prompt, ditto your poem. 1984 has been and gone!

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