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Haiku (and Haiku-like things) for Spring

Pipevine Swallowtail

Pipevine Swallowtail

A young oak trembles:
the dying gusts of winter.
Flowers in the grass.

An hour before sunrise,
rain drizzles through the trees.
A wren sings nearby.

Swallows fill the sky,
returning on springtime winds,
far above our kites

Just water on the pond—
the ducks have gone north.

Clouds cross a daytime moon.
Jays work on a nest.

At migration’s end,
a scissor-tailed flycatcher
perches on a wire.

I build my garden
and plan my meals.

The birds watch
and plan theirs.

rip through trees
and melt

Spring’s first hummingbird
huddles against the cold.
Waiting for the sun.

These are for Read Write Prompt #72: Spring Is Sprung. I’ve been bogged down with other projects (a video, a series of poems, my job) so these are taken from my other blog, a gnarled oak, where I publish haiku and haiku-like things about nature (mostly). I’ve been writing a number of spring-themed poems there so I pulled some to share here. I also cross-post most of these to Twitter, so if you’re into this sort of thing, you can check that out too.

Happy spring!

Spring Flower


  1. Very nice imagery in the haiku there James. Happy spring to you too!

  2. lovely snapshots of spring and a gorgeous butterfly…

  3. Very nice collection. My favourite of the bunch is ‘hailstones’ – it jumps right off the page with the sound and feel of it. Fantastic.

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