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Birds Nobody Loves

Almost three years ago, I started writing poems about vultures and grackles because, well, someone had to do it. I imagined eventually putting them together into a short collection and now that collection is about finished. Birds Nobody Loves: A Book of Vultures & Grackles is in its final proof stage and will (barring unforeseen complications) become available for order/download next week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday. More details and links to follow.

It’s been an interesting road to this point, writing these poems and trying to decide what to do with them beyond sharing them here. I’ve learned a lot about two of the most common and least-liked birds around here (the turkey and black vultures, the great-tailed and common grackles) and even more about crafting poems. Readers of this blog will have read earlier drafts of most of these poems here or at one of the online journals kind enough to publish them*, so they’re available around these parts, though many of them have undergone revision.

Not long ago, I came to the conclusion that the thing that made the most sense to me was to go ahead and publish this myself. In large part because I just love the fact that I live in a world where I can. That thrills me. I registered Coyote Mercury Press at the county clerk’s office, bought some ISBN numbers (I have a few other projects up my sleeve), and set the title up using Createspace. It will be available in multiple formats: paperback, .epub (for iPad, Nook and Sony), .mobi (for Kindle) and likely .pdf as well.

I’ll write some more about this between now and next week, and I plan to give away 5 paperback copies to anyone with a blog who might like to write a review or do an interview or whatever else. If you’re interested or would just like to receive an email when it’s available with links for ordering/downloading, let me know using the contact form above.

Update: The 5 review copies are now spoken for.

*Bolts of SilkThirteen Myna Birdsa handful of stonesFour and TwentytinywordsHouston Literary ReviewPay Attention: A River of Stones AnthologyNothing. No One. Nowhere.qarrtsiluni, and Curio Poetry


  1. Sounds great, James. I’d love a review copy for my April book-a-day marathon if you can spare one (I can go ahead and buy one if not).

    My geographer brother, who’s here visiting, says that both vultures and grackles are used medically in Central and South America, FWIW. There’s some connection between being foul-smelling and having medicinal power in the public imagination there, he says.

    • You got it, Dave. I’m thrilled to have this included in your April book-a-day marathon and thanks for the info about the medicinal uses of these birds. I didn’t know that.

  2. James, Congratulations!! This is wonderful news!

    I’d love to have you do a guest post if you’re willing. And I cannot wait to get a copy.

  3. Congratulations! I’d love a review copy for Crafty Green Poet if there’s one going….

  4. Congratulations!!!! I would love to do a review on my Feature Friday- if you are interested.

  5. Can’t wait to get a copy, James. I love those grackles.

    If you still have a fifth opening, I would love to do an interview/review.


    • You’re #5, Margo, so I’ll get one to you. Glad I’m not the only grackle lover!

      • Wonderful! I look forward to receiving the book. I have interview questions ready [I was hopeful], and after I read the book, I’ll modify and send the questions along. My thought is to have the interview with comments on what I have read, an intereview, which I shall publish as a Thursday Thought.


  6. Congrats on this! It looks like the five copies have already been snapped up; please share the link when it’s available for purchase.

    (Side note: how did you go about that county clerk/getting ISBNs thing?)

    • Thanks, Joseph, I’ll post links next week.

      The county clerk/ISBN thing is actually 2 unrelated things (sorry if that wasn’t clear).

      I registered Coyote Mercury Press at my local county clerk’s office which required a 1 page form and $18. In Texas, anyway, you’re supposed to register a DBA (which is what most people doing this sort of small-timey thing do) or set up some other kind of fancier business structure if you’re going to do business under anything other than your own name.

      As far as ISBNs I purchased them through Bowker’s, which is who sells US ISBNs. They wanted a business name and since I didn’t want to use my own name that led me to researching how to go into business in Texas. Laws and expenses vary from state-to-state so I don’t know how it works in NY. Hope that clarifies things somewhat.

  7. Excellent news, James. Order details for a treeware copy, please.

  8. James: I have a draft of the interview to ship your way and cannot find where I have your email address. Will you ship it to me:

    Thank you! — margo

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