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A Sign of Spring?

Yellow Flower

If I lived anywhere else, I might call this the first sign of spring. Here in central Texas, where there are only two seasons anymore, it is merely a sign of the continuation of fallintering.


  1. Lets see some Blue Bonnets!!

    This yellow flower is nice though.


  2. we are still in winter here (Minnesota) albeit a mild one…our other season, Road Construction, usually starts around april 15

  3. haha fallintering, i like it. i like living up north where there are 4 distinct seasons though. like the variety.

  4. It’s the first word I’ve coined. I’m glad you like it, Joey. I’m from New England and the main thing I miss is the seasons. There used to be seasons here too, but not for years.

    Mallory, I like Road Construction as a season. I guess it’s always RC around here too. Not really a poet’s season, though…

    Dwayne, Hopefully we’ll see some blue bonnets next month.

  5. We have the signs of Spring here in Rochester, where it’s been warm so far this year, and we’ve only had 3″ of snow all winter…but that will change this weekend, when we’re gonna get slammed.

  6. On the day you posted this, the windchill was -33C (approx -27F, I think) here, and we still have a good half a foot of snow on the ground. Winter is overrated!

    (Nice photo, though!)

  7. I like a little winter – more than we get – but I don’t need as much as you have. Although, spring sure feels nice after a cold winter.

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