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Sheila, Take a Bow

This is Sheila. She’s a Honda Civic Hybrid (my wife and her colleagues have decided that hybrids are female) and great fun to drive.

Honda Civic Hybrid

We ordered the car in January and it arrived last week. It has that nice new car smell and it runs beautifully. We’re getting close to 40mpg in the city. The stereo sounds great.

Sheila, take a bow.


  1. Major applause for buying a hybrid.

  2. That’s a hip new ride. The new Civic style looks sweet, I’ve liked it since day one. And the hybrid just sweetens the deal.

    Oh, and I love the Smiths reference. I still love Morissey, he’ll always be cool. His best days were with the Smiths though, IMHO. So many good songs…

  3. Chris, The Smiths were great. I haven’t listened to Morrissey in years, but The Smiths never get old. Thanks for noticing the reference. I wondered if anyone would.

    Arlen, Hopefully the applause won’t go to my head. In this case, though it’s easy being green.

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