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The Unbearable Spiciness of Green

I’ve managed to fit my green chile reserve into the freezer by giving away several pounds and eating several more pounds of this perfect fire. My wife’s car smelled of fresh roasted chiles for about a week after buying the case, but now the smell is gone and for the next few weeks, I rely on Chuy’s to get my fix.

So far, we’ve made it to Chuy’s twice since the green chile festival began. We go often this time of year in our effort to sample all of the special Hatch green chile menu items and so far I’ve not been disappointed.

On the first visit, I enjoyed the #18 Relleno & Empanada combo. Now, a good chile relleno is probably my favorite dish, but when that chile is a Hatch green (as opposed to the more typical poblano) as Chuy’s rellenos always are, well, then, it doesn’t get much better, but when it comes with a chicken empanada with green chile sauce, it does get better. Much better.

Yesterday, I enjoyed the Macho Burrito – roasted pork, jack cheese and guacamole – smothered in green chile tomatillo sauce. While not as exciting as the Relleno/Empanada combo it was right tasty and a real slow burner. We also tried the Extreme Salsa, a thick green chile (and avocado, I think) paste, that wasn’t really extreme, but was very good.

So far, Chuy’s is once again delivering another awesome green chile festival. I only wish my car smelled of fresh roasted green chiles.


  1. So what do you think it would cost to overnight some of this deliciousness out to Santa Barbara?

  2. George, I bet Chuy’s would do it for you. Follow the link and call the one on Barton Springs Rd (the original and hippest location) and see.

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