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Not Many Fifty Dollar Words, but I Write Good

None of them big words here, according to this site:

image fail

It was interesting to have it scan peruse individual categories, though. My posts missives on Lost, movies and current events reveal more book learnin’ a slightly more cultivated intellect…

image fail

while my gooder more erudite posts on stupid college boy wastes of time books seem more worthy of acclaim highest accolades…

image fail

Thanks (a lot) to EGeorge, and Fred for inspiring this little exercise in self-inflicted insult aspersion casting. I hope nobody thinks this blog sucks aspirates.

(I wonder what this post will do for my overall rating, what with them extra 50 dollar words added in.)


  1. Thanks for posting that. After seeing George’s post, I found that mine was high-school level, and was just too embarrassed to post that. Thanks for posting what I just couldn’t!

  2. Gee, I didn’t mean to give everyone a complex. I’s really just a stupid widget that they hope will get folks to post an ad in their blogs. What shows we’re all mostly genius is we know enough to edit that html out.

  3. Heather, Keep using them big SAT words!

    George, Oddly, the html piece was the first thing I saw. I wonder what level html is written at.

  4. What a cool thing, I have to try that now. Thanks for posting it!

  5. Congrats in your college blogging level!

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